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Happy new year everyone! You’ve probably made some goals for 2017, is one of them maintaining your home? If not, it should be. Maintenance is always easier and cheaper than repair, so it’s something you’ll definitely want to keep in mind! Here are a few maintenance tips to do NOW (before the years starts getting away with you).

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maintenance - holiday cleanupHoliday Cleanup

Thanks to the holidays, you most likely have a lot of clean up to do, or at least some chores that you’ve put on the back-burner for the last month. Now’s the perfect time to tackle it. 

Start with the holiday decorations. Spend a day putting everything in their respective boxes and containers. This is also a great opportunity to clean up your storage space. Do you keep all your decorations in a closet or the garage? Organize the space and make it easier to access so that next time, it will be a piece of cake to find the boxes you need. Maybe re-label all your boxes and containers so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for next year. If you’re thinking of moving in 2017, organizing this space will also help you when you get ready to pack everything up. 

Have some chores that you’ve ignored over the past few weeks, just do them! You’ll be so glad once you get them done!


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TLC to Hardware and Appliances

The hardware and appliances throughout your home are often forgotten. Take the opportunity to remember them and give them the cleaning they need. 

With all your holiday cooking, now’s a great time to clean out your oven. Wipe down the front of it and then turn on the self-cleaning feature (you may not want to be home during this as it can really smell). Do a good, hard scrubbing of your stove, microwave and refrigerator. When cleaning out your fridge, take out EVERYTHING! This will make sure no Thanksgiving leftovers are hiding in the back.

You’ll also want to go through your home and wipe off all the doorknobs, hinges, lights, faucets, etc. Tighten anything that seems loose.   


maintenance - cleanDeclutter and Clean

Go through your closets and cabinets and get rid of things you no longer want. If you got a new KitchenAid for Christmas, be sure to throw out the old one hiding in the back of the cabinet. Got new clothes? Go through your closet and throw out old ones. If you haven’t worn it for awhile, chuck it. 

Take a trip to Goodwill with all of the stuff you no longer want. It’s easy and fast to drop it off! Best part of Goodwill? Anything you drop off can be a tax deduction.


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