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home for Christmas - buyHave you been wanting to get into a new home, but the timing never seemed right? Maybe you should consider looking at homes during the holiday season. Give your significant other the best gift of all – a new home for Christmas. 

Is buying during the holidays really a good idea? This is probably the question you’re asking right now. Although many people talk about how slow real estate is during the holidays, there are actually some advantages to buying during this time of year. 


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Why Now’s a Great Time to Buy

Although the market may be slower, which means less homes on the market, this could actually benefit you in a few different ways.

Those sellers that do have their homes on the market tend to be more motivated. This means that they want to sell ASAP, and they’re more likely to negotiate a deal. 

home for christmas - nowLess homes on the market also means more access to real estate industry professionals, whether it’s realtors, appraisers, inspectors, etc. Because they have less clients, they’ll likely have more time to work with you.

Closing before the end of the year could also have some tax advantages. This is something you’ll want to double check with your tax professional as it differs per person, but depending on previous deductions from this year, you could use the home purchase as a deduction. 

Less buyers can also be a benefit to you…think less competition. It can be easier to schedule showings as sellers don’t have to work around so many show times. Less buyers also mean less offers to compete against. Your offer is more likely to get considered and/or accepted!

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Although this time of year may not be the ideal time for everyone to buy, it may be for you! So what do you say – would you like a new home for Christmas?

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