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Is your kitchen outdated? Are you wanting to spruce it up? Whether you’re wanting he remodel for your own enjoyment or to sell it, kitchen remodels can cost an excessive amount of money! Here are a few ways you can remodel your kitchen without emptying your bank account.



Start with the counters. The emptier the counters, the cleaner and nicer the kitchen looks. Clean it up, whether that means finding a new home for some of your appliances and other items, or getting rid of some items and decorations.

After you’ve cleaned off the counters, start to look through your cupboards. Get rid of that batman cake pan that you only used once and the blender that’s broken. Doing this can also help you find storage room for the appliances cluttering up your counters!

Best part? Doing all this is free!


remodel your kitchen - paintPaint

You’d be surprised what a new coat of paint can do. Find a nice neutral color to paint the walls. Don’t pick a color that’s too bold. Doing so can make your kitchen feel smaller and is more likely to go out of style soon. Pick a nice gray or beige that will look good with your counters and appliances. 

Painting walls isn’t the only thing you can do. Paint your cabinets as well. You can add a new stain if you want to keep the natural wood look, or you can get more trendy by painting the cabinets white or a soft, neutral gray. 


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Change up the Lighting

The brighter the room, the better it looks. Light fixtures can also do wonders for your kitchen. Find trendy hanging light fixtures to go over your breakfast bar or island. This can be pretty cheap, but will add a whole new look.


remodel your kitchen - kitchen Flooring

This can easily get expensive, but you don’t have to go with the pricey options. If you have old flooring that looks tired and worn, get some wood laminate. This can be relatively cheap but will give your kitchen that updated look you’re going for!


There are so many different things you can do to remodel your kitchen! This list is definitely just a start! Don’t get discouraged with the prices of full remodels. Start small and with things that are in your budget. You can easily give your kitchen a face-lift for under $1,000 (maybe even under $500 depending on how much you do). 

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